Best Details for the Proper Paypal Transaction Now

Online payment is a means of payment that has developed strongly in recent years with the growth of the importance of E-commerce in our consumption habits. However, what are the benefits of E-payment? Why settle online instead of shopping in stores?

What is online payment?

The online payment is a general term used to describe all types of payment made online,i.e. on the internet, and which the property concerned by the purchase is then sent or transferred to the buyer.

Online payment is one of the features that allow the existence of E-shops themselves, and that’s why it has become more and more common in our daily consumer. The number of cyber – shoppers has also increased exponentially in recent years to finally reach 32.610 million at the end of the first quarter of 2013. You canĀ open your paypal account now and transact safely.

The people also spent 12.2 billion euros on e-commerce between April and June 2013, an increase of 16% over one year, and the number of transactions on the Internet increased by 20% compared to at the same time of 2012.

Online payment is therefore a channel of consumption whose importance, popularity and practicality have been steadily improving for several years. But why choose such a means of payment, which seemed totally exotic a few years ago? What are the great benefits of online payment?

The benefits of online payment

Payment in several times:

The great added value, unique to online payment, is the payment in several installments. For example, making a payment in 3 times can make it possible to transform a simple visit of surfer in sale on line. The payment in several times is therefore a real conversion axis to use to improve the performance of your E-commerce. To finish the payment in several installments brings to the cyber-shoppers more liberties of consumption, by offering them for example the possibility of succumbing to a compulsive purchase without going out of debt, while serving the objectives of the E-merchant.

The rapidity:

Online payment can also quickly pay for purchases. No need to wait until a check or cash reaches the seller: the transaction is completed in minutes, and the desired product is shipped faster. The customer and the E-merchant benefit from a quality transaction, fast and efficient for sales and successful purchases.


Security is a sore point about online transactions, and at the beginning of Internet shopping, many critics doubted the security offered by a purchase on the internet. However, nowadays many devices are being put in place to secure and enhance the user experience on online transaction channels. The 3XWEB solution offers for example a simple, fast and completely secure payment for Internet users, which can be completed by a transaction validation procedure through a code, sent on the phone of the buyer.

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